We are working in IT department and we have subdivisions. Each subdivision has it's own tasks and these tasks should be assigned to employee in that subdivison of IT department.
A user, has to log in, creates a request and sends it to IT department. The special persons in IT department (4 person) have to get this request and assign it to a subdivision. Then, the manager of that subdivision has to assign the task to an employee. Does your helpdesk software support this workflow?
You can use the Zone based routing capability to do this automatically.
  1. Create zones on Admin, Zones.
  2. When creating users, assign them to the right zone.
  3. Go to Services, Routing and Notifications sub tab, create multiple "request submitted" assignment rules to assign to proper manager base on the zone ID.
  4. Edit the Services and set the "Who Can be Assigned Requests" to "Local users in tech and admin group". This way, when a manager re-assigns a task, she only sees the local technicians.
Basically you map the nService concept of zones to your subdivisions. When a subdivision manager wants to see all her tasks, she can create a tabular report and set the Zone on the Conditions tab to her zone.
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