What is nService

nService is a help desk and service management software. It runs on IIS as a website. Users go to the website to search for knowledge, submit service requests and check their status. Technicians use the website to respond to the service requests, keep track of their assignments and publish knowledge articles. Managers use the website to manage the service requests and the technicians.

Post Installation Configuration

(You don't need to do this if you are running 4.37 or newer.) After you have downloaded and installed nService, run IIS 7 Manager, find nService4 from the left panel and select it. Click the Session State icon on the right and change the mode to State Server. Then, change the startup type of ASP.NET State Service in Windows, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services to Automatic and start it up. (If you use IIS 6, you can modify \inetpub\wwwroot\nService4\web.config, change the sessionState mode from InProc to StateServer.)

Where to Start

You can sign in to the nService website as ns4.admin with no password. This is the pre-created administrator account. To create technicians or users, go to the Users tab. If you provide multiple services, go to the Services tab to set them up. To customize the look and feel of the website, go to Admin, Themes. To change the website title or the copyright owner, go to Admin, License.


The world of nService centers around services, requests and responses. You create services and assign technicians to provide them. Users submit requests for those services. Technicians respond to the requests. You can use email to achieve all these but in a very painful way. Using email, it is painful to keep track of various attributes of a request such as who is assigned to handle it, when it was resolved. Reporting is impossible. nService solves all those problems and make your operation of providing services much more structured and efficient. You can view nService a replacement for email for business communication. IT departments, customer service, facility management, HR departments, professional service companies can all use nService to provide support and services to their employees and customers. Read more...

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