Avensoft : Copyright
Avensoft's products include HelpDesk Server, Service Server, Bug Tracker Server and Perfect Tracker. The full version of each one of these products needs an Avensoft Product Key to be unlocked. The first two sections of a product key is the globally unique serial number. No two websites powered by an Avensoft product should have the same serial number. To report a piracy or to check whether your copy of Avensoft product is legal, please submit a service request on the support page. Thank you!

If you are an Avensoft customer, please do not give your product key or your copy of the Avensoft product to your friends or coworkers. If they want to evaluate an Avensoft product, they should go to http://www.avensoft.com to download a free trial.

To deter piracy, as part of its normal operation, every Avensoft product writes its serial number in to an HTML comment field in web pages it generates and the X-Mailer header of the emails it sends. This mechanism does not reveal any private information. It leaves evidence of the use of a uniquely identifiable legal copy of an Avensoft product in all computers that have accessed it. It is virtually impossible to remove all these evidence.

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